looking up



Rungsted Plads, 2200 København N

- - -

Ingrid Forland

Julie Riis Andersen

- - -

With readings by

Amalie Smith

Cecilie Lind

Ida Holmegaard

- - -

LOOKING UP was taking place at Rungsted Plads in Nørrebro 8th of July 2018. SCISSORS' cover was developed by artist Julie Riis Andersen in collaboration with writer Ida Holmegaard with the title New Constellations. The base of the pavilion was draped by Ingrid Forland's work Spiral Bed.​ Amalie Smith, Cecilie Lind and Ida Holmegaard contributed to the event with readings of individual texts.

The event was kindly supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, The Danish Art Workshops and Nørrebro Lokaludvalg.